Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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How To Alter/Improve the H.S. Offseason Practice Program

Comments from:
John Kelley/University Football Coach
Josh Nicewarner/Bridgeport Football Coach
A.J. Harman/Liberty Football Coach
Jim Ambrose/Tucker Co. Girls Basketball Coach
Mike Robey/Bridgeport Boys Basketball Coach
Jarrod West/Notre Dame Boys Basketball Coach
Dave Helmick/Tucker Co. Boys Basketball Coach
Brad Jett/South Harrison Football Coach
Bill Bennett/Robert C. Byrd Boys Basketball Coach
After the State Board of Education elected not to vote on the SSAC proposal for year-round practices, discussion will continue on how to improve the current system. The existing format will remain in place with teams able to host organized workouts with coaches for three weeks in late June and early July. Throughout the past month, we have surveyed area coaches on how they would improve the current setup.
A strong take was authored by the dean of area head football coaches John Kelley, who is nearing three decades at the helm of University High School. And he is not alone. While the proposal to offer year-round practices passed the SSAC Board of Control by a single vote, some coaches wouldn't oppose an expansion to see the system but not to that degree.
The opposing view is that if players want to better themselves, they should have a chance to do so, not by required practices but by open opportunities.
An issue many coaches have is sharing athletes during the existing three week period. Many students can go right from football practice to basketball practice with little or no break in between. Staggering the workout windows by sport could solve the problem.
Another idea going some traction among coaches is to have the same amount of time to work with their players, 21 days, but spaced out throughout the summer or the calendar year by the coaches as they see fit rather than one defined window. Many opinions, but for now at least the current three week, early summer window remains in place.

School Board Tables Vote On Year-round Coaching


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - The state Board of Education has decided not to vote on a proposal to allow year-round coaching in middle and high school sports.
Media outlets report the board tabled the measure Thursday for further study.
Current policy allows three weeks of out-of-season sports practice or related activities. The proposal would have allowed coaching all year except for weekends, the week of July 4 and a week before the start of each sport's season.
Proponents said the change would have helped schools that compete against teams from bordering states where out-of-season coaching is allowed.
State school board member Beverly Kingery had expressed concerns that year-round coaching would interfere with family time.
The proposal was narrowly approved by the Secondary School Activities Commission's Board of Control, which is composed of school principals.
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Vincent Steps Down at LCHS, Becomes BUHS AD & Asst. Principal

The architect of the Lewis County football renaissance over the past decade is stepping down.  Eddie Vincent has been named the new athletic director and assistant principal at Buckhannon-Upshur High School.  

Vincent lives in Buckhannon and was the head coach at B-U before resigning in 2005.  Vincent took over at Lewis County in 2007 and he produced a winning season just a year later.  From 2009 to 2014, the Minutemen advanced to the playoffs five times.  In 2012, Lewis collected their first playoff win in school history, winning at University High School.  

Vincent's final record at Lewis is 50-36 with six winning seasons in eight years.  Assistant coach Dustin Cogar will lead the team through the remainder of the summer practice sessions.

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