Sunday, October 26, 2014
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The 5th Quarter Week 9 (10/24)

The 5th Quarter Week 9 Friday Oct. 24, 2014.


Notre Dame Head Coach Sam Alvaro Joins 5th Quarter Extra

Notre Dame Head Coach Sam Alvaro joined Ben Eshenbaugh on the  5th Quarter Extra. Click the video link to watch the full interview.


The Kennedy Award Candidate No One Knows

In a remote area in northern West Virginia there's a town called Kingwood... In Kingwood a high school named after the county--Preston....And in that high school there's a Kennedy Award candidate that no oneknows of... Until now.

If you're one of the many included in that sample size... Ladies and gentleman, meet Josaiah Nuse. Yes, the cat is out of the bag. An 1,100-yard rusher a season ago, Nuse has already surpassed that mark through seven games at 1,404 along with 17 touchdowns on the ground. Marks that easily lead the area and are in the upper echelon of other names in the pool for the Kennedy at season's end. Nuse hears the talk amongst the county, but to him such an honor would be bestowed upon the entire Kingdom.

You'll remember Morgantown's Chazzy Thomas was the latest local to hoist the trophy just last fall when he finished with over 2,000 yards and 30 scores. He was on pace to set the single season state record, but was hampered by injury towards the end of the year. While it is unlikely that Nuse can top those numbers with just three games left, he can finish ahead of the rest of the Mountain State by November seventh. But the point remains that as long as football is an 11-member team sport, it's not just an individual's talent alone that puts up the yards and points. Nuse's statistics are prideful to the rest of the ten in silver and black.

So now that the name "Nuse" is out there, be sure to take extra time when filling out your ballots at the end of fall.


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