Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Two All-State Ballers Excel on the Gridiron

For two Harrison County student-athletes basketball had been more than a
recreation. It was life. John Wilfong of Bridgeport took after his father
since he was six years-old in YMCA leagues. And Robert C. Byrd's Devonti
Birch played alongside him starting in grade school in AAU games. The two
share another common bond. They have decided to strap on the pads and lace
up their cleats for their final year of high school to play under those
Friday night lights.

It's not as though football was something completely new to either of
them. They each participated in the gridiron game throughout their middle
school years. However, once high school started, the cleats were hung up.
Each have helped lead their basketball teams to the class "AA" state
tournament the past two years. Byrd made it as far as last year's
championship game. Now nine weeks into the football regular season it's as
though neither have missed a beat... All credited to their athleticism.

Being from rival schools hasn't hindered Wilfong and Birch's friendship
from over the years. The two even lined up opposite of each other back in
week four. Wilfong contributes mostly on defense at cornerback with 30
tackles as part of a group that ranked best in Class "AA" in giving up
just 62 points through eight games. Birch moves all over the field
including returning kicks and has scored four touchdowns for the state's
third leading scoring team in the class. They've admitted the risk of
injury was a concern when they decided to play this fall, but making it
this long restrains the fear even if it may dwell on their court-side

One thing Wilfong and Birch have each missed out on in recent year's is a
deep push into the football playoffs with RCB making it to the semis twice
and the Tribe bringing the state championship back to the county last
year. If those programs can make experience that success without their
skills, imagine what either could accomplish with them.


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